About Us

Fly Black Bird is a young brand created by the graphic designer Pedro Falcão. It’s a project based on is singular approach to surf and what is usually described as surf culture, expressed by the creation of surfboards and books. The creative direction of this concept is founded in a look into the past with eyes pointed to the future, to find “The Past Shapes of the Future.” As contribution to the community and surf culture in Portugal and abroad. The production of the boards is limited, since it derives from a slow process of research and investigation. As well as a desire to build them with the finest available materials. Boards are designed following lines of investigation, as models, and steps of that investigation (or generations). Each board is unique, numbered and will be fully documented on this site. There will not be two alike. The books are an extension of this project – Fly Black Bird More Than a Surfboard – because they put together people that have a creative life and somehow are relate to the ocean with a different perspective.